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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct / Standards of Behaviour

As a Catholic community, it is our mission to shape Catholic education within our school in 
keeping with Gospel values and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 
Our school strives for academic excellence and the development of a strong, caring community. 
Our vision is for students to think clearly, act wisely, feel deeply, and live responsibly. To this end, 
all members within the school community accept responsibility for the well-being of every other 
All persons within the Catholic school community are to be treated with respect and dignity. It is 
the responsibility of all students, parents, and staff to be aware of their rights and the rights of 
others and to act accordingly based on the Gospel values upon which our Catholic Faith is founded.
Members within the school community are expected to use peaceful means to resolve conflict. 
Respect and civility are essential in maintaining a safe learning and Christian environment. 
Responsible discipleship will be the vehicle used to promote peaceful communities. Through a 
variety of programs and learning experiences, the school will promote an environment where 
conflict and difference can be addressed in a manner characterized by respect, inclusion, 
acceptance, and compassion. 
Any hurtful act towards any individual that threatens or challenges personal dignity, safety, 
learning and teaching will be respectfully addressed through means of forgiveness, reflection, 
restitution, and restorative justice.
The provincial standards as outlined in the Code of Conduct apply to all individuals on school 
property, on buses, at school authorized events/activities, or in any other circumstances where 
engaging in the activity will have an impact on the school climate. Possession, use or threatened 
use of any object or serious threat which endangers the safety of anyone will not be tolerated. 
Alcohol, cannabis, illegal drugs, or any misuse of harmful substances will not be accepted. For 
Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools, Code of Conduct, Bullying Prevention and Intervention, 
Progressive Discipline, Suspensions and Expulsions the Catholic District School Board of Eastern 
Ontario follows Ministry of Education mandates and policies as well as any other policies and 
mandates described in the Education Act of Ontario. 
Dress Code Policy
All schools in the Catholic District School of Eastern Ontario have dress codes based on respect, 
dignity, fair treatment, inclusion, and safety which helps to foster a positive learning environment 
for every student in our Catholic schools. Please see further details regarding the Dress Code Policy 
at: https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/policies/B2-5_Dress_Code.pdf