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School Philosophy

School Hours:
9:30 am – 3:50 pm
St. Finnan’s Catholic School believes that the school’s main purpose is:
➢ To provide the learners with a living example of life according to Catholic
principles and be a catalyst of Christian formation in the pupils.
➢ To provide an environment that is innovative, academic and openly
Christian and Catholic so that pupils may be encouraged towards a
commitment to Christ.
➢ To promote a Christian community that will involve pupils, parents, priests,
and the school as a vibrant living community that integrates the teachings
of Christ.
➢ To implement an educational philosophy and methodology consistent with
the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, the Board and the School.
➢ To develop the following characteristics in the pupils:
a) The spirituality of all pupils in accordance with Catholic teaching.
b) The physical potential of each child.
c) The self-direction, self-esteem and stability of each pupil.
d) A social awareness and responsibility to our fellow students.
e) The basic skills necessary to make each child a contributing
member of society.