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Agendas are for sale to students from Gr. 1-4 at a cost of $5.00 each. Please use school cash online for payment, as we don’t accept cash.

Mental Health Resources

As we begin to transition to the next - hopefully more “normal” school year, we recognize student mental health needs are paramount.

Music Lessons

See flyers for more information on Music Lessons offered in our area!

Your Mental Health Matters

After all our efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19....and we are still in lockdown. For many, this can be tough mentally and emotionally. Learn about these five tips to help you remain calm and balanced through this time, please visit the website below:

Mandatory Screening for Students : Sept. 7-17

Sheets such as this one will be sent with your child on the first day of school, to use for Sept. 8-17. *However, on the first day, Sept. 7th, you need to visit: and submit us the results at:
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